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Los Pelicanos Hotel is located on the beach in Playas de Rosarito. This rustic Hotel and Restaurant offers spacious, comfortable, and tranquil rooms, combined with Mexican elements such as tile and clay decor, with unique touches, such as lamps made from cactus. Private parking, comfortable rooms, and a very nice terrace where you can take in the view while enjoying exquisite meats and seafood with your favorite beverage. More information can be found on their website at www.lospelicanosrosarito.net or by phone from U.S. 011-52 (661) 612-0445.

If you are considering a stay at Los Pelicanos Hotel, you should consider staying at Rosarito Inn Condominium Hotel Suites while checking into Los Pelicanos Hotel. At Rosarito Inn, you will find fully furnished 1-4 Bedroom full condominium hotel suites. Rosarito Inn is more than just a Rosarito hotel, it is a home away from home, with all the amenities you would expect. Rosarito Inn has potable drinking water, high speed internet, swimming pool, adult Jacuzzi, children's wading pool, all major appliances, including washer and dryer, cable television with DVD combo, bilingual staff, secure parking, and a gated entrance.

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Rosarito Inn Condominium Hotel is centrally located on the beach in the heart of Rosarito and near all tourist attractions. Papas & Beer is next door. The main boulevard is just a block away with abundant shopping in Rosarito. Transportation is available to Puerto Nuevo Lobster Village, Fox Studios Baja, & Xploration.

We look forward to your viist or move to Rosarito Beach in beautiful Baja California and hope to see you soon at Rosarito Inn Condominium Hotel Suites.

Guests at Rosarito Inn Condominium Hotel Suites should inquire about transportation to and from airports in San Diego and Tijuana. Transportation services also available for local tourist destinations around Rosarito, such as Puerto Nuevo Lobster Village. Toll Free Number is 1 (888) 849-4500 or visit www.rosaritoinn.com

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